Bash: Bulk rename some files recursively

How to 'just' rename some of the files in a directory in a bash shell (and in the child directories)

AWS: Using the AWS CLI to search within files in an S3 Bucket - Part 2 - the Search Script

How to 'just' search for a file in an S3 bucket

AWS: Using the AWS CLI to search within files in an S3 Bucket - Part 1 - Cloudformation

When setting up infrastructure is more straightforward than the 'simple' task you need to perform

Evolving Architecture: Adding value with each change

Not just change for changes sake

Evolving Architecture [short]: Unit Testing a Cloudfront Function

It is time to do the right thing

Evolving Architecture [short]: Fixing a Cloudfront Distribution with a Function

What?!? There's no such thing as a default file?

Evolving Architecture: Publishing a Jekyll site to AWS using GitHub Actions and AWS CDK

Moving forward, one step at a time

Unit testing HttpClient consumers

Testing your code that uses HttpClient may not be as hard as you thought

Not all changes to your React components result in events

Your expectation may be being matched by mistake

React Higher Order Components (HOC) - Unknown Event Handler Property - Solved!!!

Unknown event handler property... will be ignored 👀

Compendium of Knowledge and Helpful Things - Friday 8th January, 2021

A run down of the things that I have found to be helpful and interesting this week

Run Jekyll in a VS Code Dev Container

WSL2, docker, linux, ruby, jekyll, my! my! my!

Create a Docker Layered Build .net core Applications

I feel the need, the need for speed!

Use the connection string

I am a developer. I am one with the connection string, and the connection string will guide me.

Stop! You may not want to squash and commit...

Yes it gets rid of cruft, but so does rebase

What is event sourcing?

Why shoud I care? And will it make me tea and toast in the morning?

Events events events!!!

What even are events?

Docker Networking - create and connect

When localhost, or ::1 just aren't good enough

Spin up k8s and run your Docker image

You got your Docker image into Azure, now you have to run it in a container for it to be actually of use...

Use Edge In-Private from Visual Studio

What Microsoft giveth with one hand occasionally makes you facepalm.

Bulk updates to files using Powershell

Sometimes you just have to do some bulk updating on some files.

Deploying a docker image to Azure

You've made something useful, now make use of it!

Useful docker commands

Some useful commands when working with docker

Dockerize an ASP.NET Core Blog

Setting off on the way to exploring some cloud services

Using Powershell to interrogate xml

What to do when confronted with 100,000 lines of technobabble

Building an interactive service with .NET Core 2.1

Exploring whats new with .NET Core 2.1 whilst also exploring how to make services a bit friendlier

The Pit of Success

Because the Guided Busway to Success isn't as emotive or intriguing, also it's not just for developers!

How not to write SQL statements

Your TSQL statements might be around a lot longer than you expect...

Are you the best developer, or the lead developer?

There is a difference, but not everyone realises it.

Building a Windows Service to run scheduled tasks the more sensible way - The long awaited Part 2!

Adding in Quartz.Net and doing some actual scheduling! What a time to be alive!

Building a Windows Service to run scheduled tasks the more sensible way - Part 1

Topshelf, Quartz.Net, Autofac and Serilog; Oh My! What a time to be alive!

Enabling Jenkins to build GitHub Enterprise Pull Requests

Taking some of the load out of code reviews

How to destroy the performance of an SQL query, and then bring it back

But it's only a FLAG!!!

Running Jekyll on Windows Subsystem for Linux

Yuh, Jekyll, on Windows, without errors!

Implementing an AverageTimer32 Performance Counter in .NET

Use just one performance counter to monitor performance, not with new AverageTimer32 Performance Counters

Authentication and Authorization: Integrating Active Directory

Who are you? You want to do what? Why should I believe you?

Managing updates to legacy system databases

Change log? Model? It's all about the tools!

Dealing with emergency fixes on poorly understood legacy systems

If these things were easy everyone would be doing it

Why am I getting a 500.19 from IIS when my xml isn't malformed?

What? These URLRewrite rules?

PwdGnr8r: Android password generation app - Preferences

Expressing an Android Preference

Setting up keychain for bash on a linux server

Because it's nice to not enter your SSH passwords everytime you log on.

Creating an Android app that uses dynamic fragments

When running before you've learned to walk, make sure to have as many scissors in your hands as possible.

Using JSPM with the Visual Studio (VS) 2015 Release Candidate (rc)

Because sometimes it's good to use the stuff that isn't available by default.

Why is my Javascript RegExp doing that?! The g flag...

Some people, when confronted with a problem, think 'I know, I'll use regular expressions'. Now they have two problems.

Setting up aliases in bash

Aliases, they make life so much simpler, use them!

'Cloning' an object in javascript

Sometimes you need an exact copy of a javascript object, here is one way to do that.

Mocking a fluent interface 'automatically' in Moq

Fluent interfaces and objects can be useful and self documenting in certain situations, e.g. builders. However setting up a mock in a unit test can be very painful.

Setting up an Ubuntu Server VM in Windows 8 Hyper-V

Configuring Hyper-V, setting up the vm, installing Ubuntu Server, and finally configuring the server.